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Double Your Sales

With AI Recommended Content

Storyteller is the only AI powered creative intelligence tool for Instagram and Facebook that's giving brands the insights to create more profitable content

Adding a smile in the creative resulted in a 102% rise in 3- second video views

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Honestly, Creatives For Ads Do Not Have To Be That Difficult!!

How do I explain it to my creative team?

Your creative team are not marketers they don't get your marketing data backed lingo. You are looking for a way to give them accurate creative briefs so that they make what you expect

Which creative tests should I do first?

Ideally I would test everything but my budget is not infinite. I have multiple variants for ad copies, headlines, offers, images, videos but what should I test first. You are looking for a way to prioritize your tests to get more value

How can I standardize my creative specs and dimensions?

I have been running ads for a long time but I still have to test different video lengths, image texts... I want to know what should my ideal creative look like and avoid spending money on repeated tests

Which creative tests should I do first?

Before iOS14 audience targeting was awesome and now there's only so much you can do with audience testing since attribution is limited. Only content can help you scale big

ROI on creatives does not have to be guesswork

Replace guesswork with AI-enabled creativity and get content that will convert. Creatively assess, identify and create ads faster to improve your ROAS.


increase is ROAS


increase in CTR and VTR


Average ROI lift


Ad Spend Saved through Creative Testing Insights

Turbocharge Your Ad Creatives In 3 Simple Steps

Creative Tagging
AI based Features extraction from Ads

1) Connect your Ad account.

2) Let Storyteller analyse all of your Ads and use AI to extract various features like color, font, size, placement etc.

3) Answer few simple questions around various audiences you're using for Storyteller to analyse best performing creatives for each audience.
Audience Based Creative Analytics
Understand how different creatives perform with your audiences across various funnels

1) Get detailed analytics around what creatives and features perform for which audiences.

2) Get AI driven analytics around optimising your CTR,s Through Play Rate, ROAS, etc.

3) Extract value from trends of how CTR's and Conversion Rates and ROAS's have changed over time for various creatives. 

Creative Intelligence
Get High Converting Creative Recommendations

1) Get performance optimised briefs for your creative team to run Ads with.

2) Get examples to share with your creative team reducing the back and forth.

3) Buy and edit high quality images selectively chosen for you, from Unsplash and Shutterstock to reduce final time taken to create the Ads. 

Double Your Sales With Storyteller

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